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While research shows that most people experiencing sexual assault and domestic and family violence are women and girls, men and boys can also be impacted.They can be experiencing violence themselves or be impacted by the violence being perpetrated on a loved one, for example, their sister, mother, brother or friend."Yes.You can ask for the notes that were taken by the counsellor who answered your call.You can also request a transcript of your conversation with the counsellor, if the call was recorded.They can help you understand what you have experienced and assist you to access the support you need."Yes.We understand that everyone's situation is different.We will take reasonable steps to contact you if we receive a subpoena requiring disclosure of your personal information.If we know that you are concerned about the request, or if we believe that disclosure might cause you further harm or distress, we will use our reasonable endeavours to object to the disclosure of the documents or inspection of the documents by a/any parties to the proceedings, on whatever legal grounds may be available to us.(In this situation, you may also wish to obtain your own independent legal advice.

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By law, we must comply with the request unless the court or party who issued the subpoena can be persuaded to set it aside.

If you have a personal right or privilege that is affected by information relevant to the subpoena, you may be entitled to lodge a notice of objection, an application to set aside or an objection to inspection of the documents requested under the subpoena.)We generally cannot produce information provided anonymously or under a pseudonym in response to a subpoena.

"If you would like to access your call records for legal purposes, you can request these by contacting the Privacy Team.

For privacy reasons, these notes can only be given out to the person making the call and would not be shared with any other person.

You can email [email protected] to request your call records or for more information about the process of accessing your records."1800RESPECT is a service that supports everyone affected by sexual assault and domestic and family violence, including men.

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