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Their educational achievements and work ability barely matters; having the looks is the main thing.The usual story unfolds as following: first they’re hired under the guise of the waiting and bartending industry.Chatting on QQ to lure in the bait According to custom, the boss first chooses a bar and café and rents one or two private booths there for a long-term lease for the girls and their “accomplices” to use.

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These internal QQ groups can’t be revealed to anyone and strangers’ requests to enter the group are systematically denied because all the “gangs” intimate secrets are stored here.The “bait” is usually somebody who the accomplice has found on any one of the major marriage-seeking websites or chat rooms. If they’re too young, then they won’t have a solid economic base and might be aggressive – problems could easily arise.If they’re a little older, then they’ll be inclined to like innocent girls for having some fun and they won’t have any qualms about spending a bit of money.If customers want to see the wine first, then the waitresses will bring out the bottle of real wine and let them take a look at it.When the second bottle is ordered, the waitresses directly bring out the pre-mixed version.

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