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Dictors narrative is a raw portrait of an American underground folk-hero who stood on the barricades advocating social justice and spreading punks promise to a global audience.Part poet, renegade, satirist, and lover, he is an authentic homegrown character carrying the progressive punk fight into the twenty-first century.He appeared in the film American Hardcore and resides in Portland, Oregon.First appearing in the '90s as small-edition, photocopied zines produced by Fletcher & Meyer, this unexpected compilation of outsider artwork and writing includes work by 10 artists working from the Creativity Explored studios: Michael Bernard Loggins, James Miles, John Patrick Mc Kenzie, Barnara Doehrman, David Jarvey, Andrew Li, Robert Margolis, Diane Scaccalosi, Gerald Wiggins, and Christina Marie Fong.MDC continues to tour, playing over 60 concerts each year.

" MDC always has been in the vanguard of the struggle for social justice in the punk movement.

Dave Dictor is singer, lyricist, and founding member of legendary American punk band MDC (Millions of Dead Cops).

Since 1979, Dictor has toured throughout the world with MDC, releasing more than nine albums with MDC that have sold more then 125,000 copies.

He is an Associate Professor of Art and Social Practices at Portland State University in Oregon.

Editor Elizabeth Meyer has worked with several Bay Area arts and media organizations, including Artists Television Access. This is the brand new 2nd edition of a book about scary things: all the things that you're afraid of.

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