Average length of dating before second marriage

Do you disagree because you have this one friend who met her soulmate, married him in six weeks and they’re still together twenty years later and they have sex twice a day? A man in love might want to propose as quickly as possible but he should have the wisdom and self-control to override that desire.

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But statistics are more on the “I don’t” side than the “I do.” Exact figures for second divorces are hard to come by.

Another reader – who was attempting to shoot down my assertion that you should ideally wait 2-3 years before getting engaged – sent me a link to a super-informative article.

“The fact of a couple moving quickly toward marriage is not in and of itself a problem as much as what is driving the speed.

Some couples bury their concerns over such differences; others brood over them. •Anxiety, moodiness, and emotional swings in the wife or the husband do not preordain divorce, but they are related to unhappiness in marriage.

•The birth of a child transforms couples’ lifestyles, but it does not change the feelings husbands or wives have about each other.

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