Bpd women dating married man

Things started to go downhill after she called him a f*****t at one of the nicest restaurants in NYC for not ordering the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu.

The bill ended up being 0 and he paid for everything.

If you can make it past three months and still be happy and optimistic about the relationship (even if you have to work through some things), you can probably make it work long term.

This is certainly consistent with my dating experience.

This is certainly consistent with my dating experience. People can only hide their negative traits for about 3 months, which is why you should not get too attached to someone until you've known them at least that long.broken detector wrote: I know a thread on this topic was posted a few years ago, but I'm wondering if guys can chime in on how long it took for them to realize something was wrong and if there were early warning signs they just didn't pick up on.

Other than listening to the person tell their life-story, what else can a person go off of early on in the relationship if the person doesn't exhibit any obvious red flags?

Longer Lasting wrote: My wife and I are both from the same town.

He is an oncologist - and a very good one - and she is basically just a rich housewife who goes through a bunch of nannies and au pairs because they always get fed up with her instability.

So after a few years, she starts calling people late at night and asking if they know about her husband sleeping with another lady in town.

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