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The single most important event ( in our family that is) that took place in 2015 was none other than Abang's syahadah ceremony that occurred on 8 and 9th of March, which was just a few days after Abang's 18th birthday.

Subhanallah, it was just the most blessed, most emotionally beautiful and peaceful event so far in my life!

By calm and collected I meant he was ever so cool when he made any mistake and his friends ( chose by their ustadzs to be observers) tapped on the table to alert him .

He then went back to the beginning of that particular ayah and tried to correct himself calmly.

Alhamdulillah, the madrasah Abang attends was very systematic and efficient as always.

They even have a special air-conditioned room with bathroom attached for us, ladies in niqabs especially, to sit and listen , 'tasmeeq' the huffaz's recitations. On the first day Abang recited 15 juzuks with one mistake towards the end.

And I did wander away quite a few times since I was all alone in that room on the first day. Abang recited in faster mode and I got company, so no sleepiness crept in.

A few ladies came and towards the evening more local ladies came to listen in and by Isya', the room was packed. That was apparently a normal situation whenever a syahadah event takes place.

But everyone was tuned to the handphones for updates from Abah in both Mama's and Abah's sides of family group whats Apps.

Just before asar break was actually the moment Abang stucked, after 'rewinding' quite a few times, the ustadz had to correct him..it was counted as 1 mistake.

They only allow maximum 5 mistakes for all 30 juzuks or you have to do it all over again.

Suffice to say, I wish everyone to be able to experience the same and I did tell all sisters I know having children memorizing the Qur'an to make a point to be there in their kids syahadah ceremony.

Alas, that being said, not all madrasahs allow/encourage parents to attend .

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