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Next, set up a firesale and list these for - each on multiple forums, do this well before their expiry date. You'll probably end up dropping 99% of these names, which is a good thing - you'll save thousands in renewal fees.If you see someone you like, simply "wave" at them.

But nobody on here is looking for a pen pal, so do try to arrange a real date sooner rather than later.e Harmony has two different membership packages, and the price varies depending on how long you subscribe for.

I suggest you focus on getting yourself a few carefully selected keyword with type-in traffic instead of hundreds of worthless names.

You could have bought a few very nice generic keyword or an for the price of regging all of these.

Basically out of my 160 (LLLL) I grouped the ones that estibot claimed had a value greater than Reg fee which was only 24 out of 160 DN's actually there was 25 if I include "" but I found out that this hand reg now has a Google PR3. Someone suggested I move it to a new host to a separate IP block and use it to one way link to my other Host Gator names? I started the bidding at 0 do you thin that is to high and do you think my listing looks more referable this time around? Thanks guys you have been great help, dont know what I can do for you, but If I can do something let me know.

I know you guys knocked estibot, but I think it still gives you a good from the hip estimate of value. Estibot puts a value of around 00 or more on these Host Gator names.

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