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After a traumatic incident he unlocked something long forgotten which caused him to be done with the village and live on his own, and save the Bijuu.BEING REWRITTENMizore, as she thought she was going to die accidentally broke an ancient seal unleashing a monster that hasn't been seen in several millennium. Naruto x Mizore Rated M for safety and possible Lemons. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and my life has been one strange blur since I was born.

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But this new land is much more dangerous, violent and magical than the one he was pulled from. He survived through his crown and fell into the Elemental Countries before being found by the Shodaime Hokage only to be sealed away out of fear. He may not be able to become Hokage anymore but after being trained as the next God of Destruction of Universe 5 by both it's angel and current God Naruto will reach for a goal beyond a measly planet. Always the disgrace, always seen as nonexistent to others and it all started when his sister became the Kyuubi jinchuriki of the Yin, while he the Yang.With Kurama as his guide, Naruto embarks on his newest adventure. M for Violence, Language, possible suggestive themes. An old Senju finds him and trains him for a year until he passes away. Naru Harem At a young age, Naruto grew up with little to no friends and because of this, he developed a love of video games. Having lived a full life as Naruto Uzumaki, he is reincarnated as Nathaniel Queen, a billionaire playboy only slightly better than Oliver. Westeros, Essos and beyond shall bow before him or perish and scatter like dust in the winds. How will things go with them interacting with a Nobody. Naruto Uzumaki has endured quite a lot in his life, though even he had to admit that losing his entire world was unexpected. He is able to change the tide of combat with a sway of his hand. Being a single father with two little girls is hard enough, but when there are monsters trying to kill them everyday, it's even worse. Skipping school, hanging out with the wrong crowd and dropping out of college. Looking back, holding their little girl in her arms-she can't help but wonder. No one knows who he really he is, but he kicks ass with his cool ninja skills. Cursed with life eternal, a dimension-hopping shinobi finds his way to the Marvel universe...and, the Avengers. Non-Jinchuuriki Naruto was neglected for his Jinchuuriki Sister Story.warning: lemon Succubi are a naturally Beautiful, Seductive, and Sinful race, thanks to the fall of Lilith the First Woman.Even though they are Lustful little sluts by Nature, even they can be subject to the whims of those who wish to use them for their own means.

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