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i m indeed useless , i dun want to give her up away to someone lo..agrh!!! beta turn in soon.i wont think much but i know i will keep thinkin everything..i guess this stuff will cause me everydae sad sad hais sorry 42..i love you .love,aaron 07 too honey..with you all this while is really veri fun and loving..i did not regret knowing you and choose you as my wife..i think i found the right girl and thats you wors.are what i always wanted ..i found that the love between us is very strong ..1st time i experience this kinda of feeling of love ! hais i guess i got no mood now le..i m runnin out of cash le.hard tt chinese new yr can get as much money as i can .. hey man i veri long haven been here guess i muz b busy abt sch hais sch sux anyway i came here not to type al this craps .. like study,present,her,moi wrongs,family,money and more hais .. anyway dun worry i wil try to control moi temper n atittude ..

i admit my jealously is very strong and i had very bad temper but i am glad you get use to it and know me well ..every moment you are hurt or pain or cried.heart wil always have a deep cut .fate that bought us together .we must treasure each other and love each other more..hahas.are the 1st one i realli realli love the most!! hahas muackx_ h On Ey.b Ee __ 0742 __ m Is Si N.u.e Ve Ry Ti ME _ hais good mornin everyone...i juz col her but she off her phone hais ..sad!! i wanna gib her a wonderful V'day tt she wil nv forget .. is it u dun wanna mi le.allow mi to hear ur voice ..r u goin to avoid mi ?!?!?! hais i realli hab a problem wif myself man why ?!?!?! u know everytime i tot of this kinda of thing i realli felt veri bad lo ..

If there's one thing in this world That I know is true It's the love that I feel When I'm thinking of you No ocean or mountain could keep us apart Coz no one can take away Someone who lives in your heart All the hopes and the dreams are alive I'll carry it with me through distance and time Tonight it's very clear Cause we're both lying here I will always love you I would never leave you alone Sometimes I just forget Say things I might regret It breaks my heart to see you crying I don't wanna lose you Msg from [.42.] to [.07.] Dear.. i realli love her alot.i know i maybe sometimes made her angry or hurt her but i didnt mean is the 1st one i love the most.i am willingly not to make more new frens becos fo her and i m willingly to reject all my frens becos of her and accompany her becos i just love her too much . nowadays we had been quarreling abt stuff and more on jealously.todae i quarrel wit her abt K** Y***,her ex lover tht she once had a crash know i sometimes realli hate myself for being so selfish and unreasonable.i jux want her to be all by myself but i know this will not happen.todae during streamboat i sense tat K** Y*** somehow got abit interested in her. does she know i want to give her as much happiness as i can ?

I misses you lots I wanna apologize for everything i had done That had make you sad I wanna thank everything you had done I dun wish to see u cry I dun wish to see u pain Seeing you drop tears make me wanna too Seeing you pain make me pain too You have occupy the whole of my heart And i dun wish to lose you Please dun let go of my hand I wanna hold on to it for as long as we can *ilu *Ha Pp Ie X 2nd Mt H An Niv Er Sa Ry Msg from [.42.] to [.07.] We had been together for 3 mths le All this while We quarrel We cried We get jealous We ignore each other But we are still alright in the end Sometimes i am really afraid What if we didnt reconcile What if the quarrel go on What will happen to us I am just too afraid to lose u* I hope to be yours always Please just hold on to my hands Hug me tight Don't let go of me And I shall ("v") you always Happy 3rd month anniversary dear More 0742 photos: .*Beach.1 .*Beach.2 .*Beach.3 .*Beach.4 .*Beach.5 .*Beach.6 .*Beach.7 .*Beach.8 .*Beach.9 .*Beach.10 .*Us.1 .*Us.2 .*Us.3 .*Us.4 .*Us.5 .*Us.6 .*Us.7 .*Us.8 .*Us.9 .*Us.10 .*Us.11 .*Us.12 .*Us.13 .*Us.14 .*Us.15 .*Us.16 .*Us.17 .*Us.18 .*Us.19 .*Us.20 .*Us.21 .*Us.22 .*Us.23 .*Us.24 .*Us.25 .*Us.26 .*Us.27 .*Us.28 .*Us.29 .*Us.30 .*Us.31 .*Us.32 .*Us.33 .*Us.34 .*Us.35 .*Us.36 .*Us.37 .*Us.38 .*Us.39 .*Us.40 .*Us.41 .*Us.42 .*Us.43 why after 7 mths and yet still both of us have no confidence in each other? i reallli felt veri jealous when K** Y*** talk or play wit her.must someone in this pt of time corrupted me and her relationship. i m veri useless,seeing someone make her i wont go and protect her .???

did i ever sae i mind not being able to celebrate a joyous countdown tis yr? the wedding stuff is onli til 3 plus in the afternoon ya.. juz hope tt she can mit someone there tt can gib her more happiness, i m not real good fer her lo ..

i dun like to have any third party in my relationship.i HATE third party!! why must i give in to someone who love or like her ? i miss her till i cant afford to waste my time going for lesson after school cos i really wanted to see her more everydae! i realli hope we wouldnt just stop here ..i wanna continue my life wit you forever.wanna let you go far away..i miss you..actualli i am also veri scared abt tml ..i m afraid that i would not be able to c you again.i dun wish to live my life witout you be moi side always.now i m veri touched by your letter and words you said..i can felt how worried you are.too ..i am worried that i cant be able to c you again..i have been thinkin abt it .realli sth happen to mi .must promise mi that you wil live everyday wit happiness and dun ever hurt yourself.study hard too,if someone love and treat you good.miss this chance okay.for hin or her ok? so fast tym had came to chinese new yr already n moi dear n mi had been fightin on n off .. its al moi bloody fault if i wuld know how to hoax her rather den everytime made her angry i guess everything wuld b fine now .. i wanna gib her wadeva she always wanted n kept sayin i nv gib her .. hope she would turn on her phone man cos i need mi boss no. u know i realli find moi atittude is gettin real bad !!! u know sometimes i realli purposely say things to hurt her de lo den ltr say sorry to her .. why everytym mux i provoke her somemore she is moi dear leis den i stil like tt .. but of cause i wil always be your angel guide you thru and protect you !! hais i m realli sick of fightin wif her man but sometimes i juz cant control moi temper n always get veri piss or down .. i realli find tt al this is a test fer both of us .. she is juz like part of moi body .this part of moi body gone nth works !! sorry dear i m such a selfish freak i onli wanna u ,the onli u by moi side n onli moi side !! why muz i gave her this kinda of atittude ..we kept quarrelin why ??!?!?! becos i m a person who have veri low confidence in myself and always have negative thinking.thats why now i am realli just no one understand how i felt.i sense danger and saddness is going to happen to me soon! i realli afraid my galfren wil find K** Y*** so so much beta than mi and i m thus one could replace her place in moi heart. why must i always push her to them when i realli realli dun wish too? i was unable to see my dear as much as holidaes anymore! i realli hate people or whoever command my galfren gd stuff and thus this is how they win her heart away or make her heart 'fly'must i have someone who like the one i love the most too? why must i always hurt her then i know how to regret? frm tt tym we start this kinda of thingy i kept wanna mend moi mistake at first i tot its was easily but sooner or later i felt tt it was realli tough man ..

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