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COLLINS-5700 Sublet 2br 2blh immcd'ate i6i;av L CROYDON ARMS furn stu dio, T or New everytmng Oceanview Maid lervice From 43'i0 up annual 3770 Co'lma, Mia Bch 531 5723 FORTE TOWERS (ON THE BAY) FFFICITNCIFS 18.2 BF DROOr AS FROM MS PER MONTH The Bps! br 2bth, mii.1i TH Klt Ch Bft O-JJO CALL CLASSIFIED 350-2222 604 Bu-int4 I Oppertuailita T 366 3208 Live in Mia area BDRM 4150 sofa 465 cottee (Die 420 liv rm chair 420 patio turn I4 sj- i J5 BDRM 7 PIECE King set bia k formica brand new 4 1700. 1-800-784-0308 PRIVATE INVESTOR will originate or buy existing mtgs no comm 937-8554 - bh N iki nnit 2nd A 1st Equity Loan 24 Hr Approval No Credit Check Call 274-4906 10701 SW 104 SI. 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Sacrifice 620-0541 TOOLS complete set Mech tods A roil awav boxes 43000 obo John S6J.-0183 TRAILER 8x8x 1? 4-474 630 Gellectible Af-RICAN TRIBAL MASKS Also (6) Itatups A bronze artifact 435-4800 For saip by nuted collector 937-8481 ANTIGONE Private sale Sculpture by Michael Srhrerkjjp5 689-1303 A NT I QU E Cher r "v corner cupboard. foam insulation, street ready also refreeabie cartridge to keep product froien or cold. I SOIL EXTRATOR 15ual( turner macn 1 ornnao A vacuum 42300 94-3806 STEEL Birig Special 30X40 44V"6, IUUX I5U Othr size 4? Scu ft Amana--Chesl type ewceiienl condi tion 1l U nno Ot JJ FRIDGE 70 iu ft deluxe 4200. Be willing to Invest a minimum nf ,500 In your own 18 wheel office (If you don't already own one.) Financial aseiatance la available to qualified appllcanta. Ci(, qn V 1 ' -f 704 Mi Lt CCol Mta ralm Springs Wo-Zona I PALM SPRGS N 3 br 1 bth, aero eicmenlrv schuoi, 4'isp tn:i -ec aq 70S Haram$org4-2on6 HIA unfurn Jnr f--enred, tile. 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A JOG TO THE BEACH Romantic completely restored art deco aots, cent air, security, 10 Bidus To Choose From Immediate Occy Streamline Development 537-368 ART DECO NEWLY RF N-NOVATED A few beautiful spacious studios still avail a Ipw bik from beach A shopping starting al 4300 83 t 10 St on cor ot 10th A Jefferson C atl for aont 538-6373 or361-7846 Geffling Arms Apii ART DECO RENOVATION Studios 1 A 7 Br'v C nnt A' C, new aopi, dshwshr, security, laundry, wd firs, frplcs, 4300 up 8ft4-1576 APT DECb' Wood" Ur Nw K itchen New appliance Good Area 534 9.86 ART DFCO 18fh ST 1-7-3 br Apis 4500 A up 538 3583 B AL HARBOUR LUXURY LIVING HARBOUR HOUSE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL Studio. bth apt Oeves BYRON AVE Ig 2hr" unfurn adult 445 mo Br, i-aja ALL NEW OCEANFRONT 1 A 2 br apt wpool, all new aopl, walk in closel mm blinds, secure bidg CALL 532-8331 Morv Sat YUPPIES COME HOMJ. Pawn vour aulo, cycle, diamonds, gold, ieweiry, etc. Private lender 619 -484-9356 or 484-3630 PERSONNAL LOANS up lo 40,000 good credit history required. suits 100 wool tor 459 80 A dinner iatkets wlpathor) from 476 Serious inquiries1 only, FAX 30 5-595-2569; Suite 2.38 CONCERTS INVF-STOR WANTED Prominent S Fla promotor seeks investor for mamr act concert scries to bi"jm in spring Vev substantia! 477-3755 DEVELOPMENT CO w land seek investors High return Secured 65? Box 640526, Miami, FL 33164 or call Mr, Bridge- wntf r 651 6166 INVESTOR Need 410K ta-t up capital for high profit diamond whsle firm Set term -f 10'ito 1st yr prp-It Days 556-9357 , i ; ci ' J VV ,;. 1 Sec desk, Gt no Irosf refng total 4600 will sell sep 441 9408 ROLLTOP "DESK A chair new purchased for 4825; sell 4550. ' SOFA ioveseat, matching cnair, earrrnone, good cond, 4750, 233 3531 SOFA pit group, 10 PC taupe, exc cond, wa over 4 7 K4 950, 733-4531 TABLE rattan glass rned-ig fc XC COnd Paid 4 1700, 46O0 neg 661- 5980 after 6pm TEENS BR SET 4200, sofa-bed 485 A other item. pny MW PARTNER wanted, aaar- keting successful proaucr that works hand in hand w Fia lottery 430,000 re quired 937-60AB PAVEMENT SWEEP, busi- pess wexc atcts y6.t-ij B- PAY TELEPHONES Installed A operating wfuti revenue history. PHONE System 4 lines w5 phones installed Complete like new Additional Phones avail 48 50 Dan 364-1 eve PRINTING Lowe Film Pro- cesser-74 wuupont command Blender. 324-6702 PUSH A BICYCLE CARTS f iberalass for ice cream frozen food, etc. SHOWCASE 6' 4700 Cash Reg 4Vi wraparouno Counter A 3 display racks 4600 4 dr File Cabinet V0 SNACK BAR Seat 24 41000 or best otter 1 an Homestead 748 489? 1 800 843-6738 F.x LB STORE Fixtures wall cases, showcases, glass A more from 41-4750 32; 466 S TELEPHONE System Southern Br MI Witt . ri8 S Si Rd 7 Miramar 700 W pk t'pchqbt'e Rd CARPET Installer ha beautiful roll from fobs at ' Ai price-tree pad 681-9848 Carpet Whole House J399 CARPET INSTALLER Must sell 14 roll of carpet. 40 531-1307 ZENITH" 50" color tv front protect i400 Aimnsl brand 553 Housahold Appliaiteet AIR COND Refng Washer urver up m w 13785 NW 7 Ave 688-963J APPLIANC E S - USE D SALESSERVICE 1789 Qna Locks Blvd 681-1133 FREEZER t. ..4i,j OWN YOUR OWN 18 WHEEL OFFICE Owner -opu Miprs tour ihe country, mixing business and piea&u' H from ihetr own if) whool office They own thoir own tr jelor and manaqe their own time Maytlower f ran-sil the pro n the moving busmons supplies thom wilh a trailer movmn equipment, tree training, and most importantly ihe loads To qualify Be 21 or older and have a good driving record. Call toll free 1-800 428-1220 (Indiana call 1-800-382-1212) between a.m. UUO-t-inventory, ioiiry A turnkey 382-4555 eves, MAACO The Nation's leader in the auto painting industry is ottering turnkey operations to qualified owner-operators. ,000 cash required Into call Linda Kemp 1-800-523-1180 MARINA Keys, storage. motor, 1 sheet metal brake, lot k former, gas welder, copper tubing, Bobtat, biat k Iron pipe 4 well tilting, tar kettle, trucks, make offer 6S1 NW 106 St WOR THING TON compres- nr'numn n N(! -3469-ROSf V1LLE POTTERY,, Mint (ll at 470-4400, various patterns, all 92--3! i STAMP ALBUM full of Old US stamps, numerous 42 A 45 denomina lions of Columbus, Marshall, Frank- wiih.nufon Air shipped; area, newly renovated 4 br ' car o 5 mn 235-' 717 Perrint Cutler Ridtt-Zent 17 china blc k lacquer 42,800 seats. IMI DINING RM c ontomoor ar v I'tf wood, tame, 6 chair 4f OO 5s S-ft0s2 DRAPERY FABRIC 4J vd" Up' Ml Merv Fabric 42.50 vd 54 ' Cotton 43 vd Lrye te'ectmn, good ti-iy J-abr K 371-6684 , 14 St A NMirt-rii Av EEL SKIN PWODUCf S large iiuantity. c Joccy387-6619 ' PERRINE 5 rm fiome recently remode'ed A. Call Raymond at 823 5076 LIQUOR STORE W Kendaii 4a. PAINTA body shop w'e-quipment or buv eouip-ment only 25J-9022 yt- py 1 1 PARTNER INVESTOR for Branch Ofc a well Est in automarine af lermar- kei.

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