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Le Tourneau has not been rated on the Campus Pride Index.

Recent episodes at Erskine College, Hillsdale College and an unnamed Christian school in the South have been particularly troubling. is an inter-denominational Christian school in Longview, Texas, an hour west of Shreveport, La.

There are many gay Asian men looking for their second half through these online dating sites. If you are a gay who lives in a small town, then it is hard to find an ideal partner. Please read this article to find out and post your ideas about that.

It is bored to visit a gay club and find short-term partner. This article will tell you clearly about whether or not you are gay.

The school's enrollment is a couple thousand students.

Interestingly, the handbook also claims to stand for five principles: "Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Community." A commitment to respect for the integrity of the LGBT community doesn't seem to be part of that equation.

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