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Although I'm trying to be open-minded and reasonable as to why Shamans need it at this point in the [email protected] - It removes Fear, Sleep, and Charm (not just Fear).I'm not a Shaman, so why would I 'complain' about fearing a Shaman?Since it would indeed harm Elemental and Enhancement Shamans if Tremor Totem was removed, putting it on a cooldown and/or increasing it's mana cost would solve the problem and require more effort on the player's part to effectively use it, unless your intent is to keep your class in this regard as easy to play as possible.All shaman can remove poisons and diseases, not just resto which is partly why it was removed. Tremor totem only dispels a particular type of magic which happens to be fear. I don't have many if you include slows, but you get fear, death coil, and seduction.Fear is not it's own catagory in regards to this reworking. Also this is a shaman utility in dispelling fear, so it wouldn't make sense to remove it and then say "well you can dispel magic now so it's fine" when not all shaman can remove magic.Fear is not it's own catagory in regards to this reworking.I agree with the above and also how often do you see a tremor get put down in 1v1 world pvp or Battlegrounds? Earthbind is more then likely going down automatically in Pv P, Stoneclaw has it's uses and then you have enh who may wish to put down a Str/Agi buff totem and then drop the Earthbind mid battle or somthing.

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Prior to Cataclysm I could wholeheartedly understand why Shamans would need this totem, but with all healers being able to dispel magic now, the concept of the totem with current game design puts me at a loss; especially since they removed Cleansing Totem for it's auto-dispel mechanics (and since they redesigned dispels across the board).

That would be similar to saying that pallies should lose Bo F because they can dispel snares/roots.

Also shaman are still very much suseptable to fear so long as you know how to kill the totem.

Sorry I always forget the name of it :) Spent to long as Resto/Ele..

Hell they could even throw it on [email protected] - I [email protected] - I can't help but appear to be complaining because my questioning of the totem comes from my own complaints.

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