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Alana expresses interest in Will Graham in the first season, enters a relationship with Hannibal Lecter in the second season, and ultimately marries and has a child with Margot Verger.Bryan Fuller has repeatedly referred to her as bisexual.("....she's a sexual creature and she falls in love with both Dyson and Lauren." - Anna Silk on her character's sexual orientation.Her only known relationship was with boyfriend Linus.Roles include lead, main, recurring, supporting, and guest.For the first half of the season, Emaline dates Oliver, a male classmate.Bo is a succubus, a Fae that survives by feeding from life force and the energy created from sex with males or females.

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It is organized by orientation and alphabetically by surname (i.e. The list also includes asexual, non-binary, and pansexual characters.

When Charlie first arrived in the Bay, Channel Seven described her as having a "bone to pick and the prowess to do it" in reference to her father's relationship with Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances), which Charlie disapproved of because her mother had only recently died.

During the Season 2 Episode 9 episode 'Forever Mine, Never Mind', Rosita invites Waverly Earp to share a hot tub with her.

As another host of the symbiont Dax, Ezri, like Jadzia Dax, has memories and romantic feelings toward both men and women.

However, in the mirror universe, her counterpart Ezri Tigan (who had not joined with Dax) is a lesbian.

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