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Many parents turn a blind eye and are convinced their son will ‘grow out of it.’Many guys once they come out, are disowned by the family because it is seen as bringing disrespect and shame on the family.

And some parents get them married to the opposite sex hoping that they will become ‘straight’ once they are married. If two lesbians are found to be residing with each other they can be forced out of the accommodation.

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A marriage of convenience (plural marriages of convenience) is a marriage contracted for reasons other than that of relationship, family, or love.

Gill was paid up to £14,000 a time to find brides for Indian men who wanted to use the marriage as a passport to Britain.

Gill told a series of drug addict British women that they would be taken to India to work in modelling and beauty work, but once there, were persuaded to take part in weddings, prosecutors said. For the gay aspect of such marriages, the cultural challenge to get people to admit it happens and open their minds to discuss the matter is enormous.

Marriage for some people is a commitment, which they make to the person they love and want to spend the rest of the life with them.

However, some people get married, not for love, family or a relationship but for other reasons.

Being homosexual in the Desi culture is a major struggle between family and child.This leads to such relationships being led underground and out of sight or suspicion.Rather than be open with the family, majority of such gay people will actually marry someone of the opposite sex just to please the family and to ease the pressure off them.I would want an individual who has similar motives for entering into such a contract. This means a marriage that appears to be “working” whenever my parents or family inquire into our lives.”.This type of marriage of convenience involves two people agreeing to marry due to a contractual arrangement between the parties and their families.

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