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Students, who have lived in the dorm for two weeks, gave mostly posi- tive reviews of the new decor. used in traditional Southern homes, ; aimed to produce a design with some longevity.Casey, who chose jewel tones and colors often What they said • Improve lighting in the hall • Clean air conditioners • Install new ceilings in bathroom and hall • Replace carpet •Install new stalls in bathroom and showers • Install new countertops in bathroom •Bathroom floor tile removed, floors cleaned What they did • Installed new and better lights in the hall • A/C may have been cleaned-smell remains • New, lower and more atractive ceiling tile • New carpet, strange pattern • Privacy is at an all time high in bathrooms • New bathroom counters. Opinions of the double-patterned car- pet with puzzle piece patches have been less decisive."I like the biomorphic modern take on the bathrooms.It reminds me of Hiram Millet and Charles Earns; some of Noguchi tables because of the sensuous curves." Last year, the Residence Life Director, Jennifer Casey made plans with Integrated Architects to overhaul the interior of the dorm.

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Drew Ford, a junior art major, had this to say of the new countertops.

"The swirlies were strictly the firm's [idea]," said Casey.

"I didn't mind [them] as much as I thought I would." Millsaps, which originally^ did not have a dormitory system, funded the project from a grant issued^n 1966.

Galloway, which previously housed freshman males, has had very few previous renovations.

The current renovations provided for new carpets, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, water fountains, bathroom stalls and an over-the-sink counter top in each of the eleven cubes.

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