Php pop up window updating parent

The Scratch Encounter You may now arbitrarily add parsed ACT data to what is known as a scratch encounter.

You may right-click anything in the left-side Tree View or a row selection in the main table and select an option to add to the scratch encounter.

This deep level change is needed so that parsing plugins can store data this large without error.

Parsing plugins will most likely need to be updated to take advantage of this.

Otherwise, it may be accessed on the Custom Trigger tab using the new button in the upper-right corner.

Though things that require computer specific file paths will not likely work.

It is not recommended to share more than a few settings in a single snippet. The root node does not need to be named Config; only a name that is not otherwise used by ACT's config file.

You may repeatedly add more data to this encounter by following the above steps again.

To start over, either delete or rename the Scratch encounter.

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