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One thing that I've never wavered on over the years is that "Echoes" is the best thing Pink Floyd ever did, and many of the more outstanding elements of that track were at least used as crib-notes in bits and pieces later on.Pink Floyd was doing effective acoustic ballads well before "Wish You Were Here" and "Mother"; the eerie screams that pop up in "Another Brick in the Wall (2)" and "Run Like Hell" are adapted from "Careful With That Axe, Eugene," and there are a half dozen other examples.Point is, the separation between the "experimental" albums and the "normal" albums is certainly not as clear cut as many like to make it out to be, and dismissing the former while embracing the latter seems like a mistake to me.Moving onto the band members themselves, I'd have to say that Pink Floyd had one of the most fascinating internal dynamics of any band that I know.The viewer will get to see what she is really like and that her personality is not an act.The show will also feature Pink with her family and get a look at her outside music.

The television show PINK The Series follows singer Pink in her everyday life and on tour.

Originally, the band was clearly led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Syd Barrett, whose tweaked sense of whimsy, love of guitar feedback and unfortunate fondness for LSD helped make Piper one of the classics of 1967.

Keyboardist Rick Wright was the most prominent "backing" member of the group, contributing a healthy share of vocals and bunch of interesting organ parts, but no original songs, while bassist Roger Waters (who got one token song on the first album) and drummer Nick Mason seemed solid but not indispensable.

They were a rock band that did great songs despite melodies that were usually very good but not stellar (and I stand by that), and despite having very few "classic" riffs.

They were a band that regularly engaged in lengthy, "self-indulgent" instrumental noodling, while almost never displaying raw chops on the level of the instrumentalists of the more popular prog rock bands of the day.

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