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If you and your fiancee are getting married on the island of Phuket with its picture book tropical scenery, lush natural vegetation and breath taking mountain and sea views then consider that being up-market in Phuket also means very pricey.There are a number of locations in Thailand when considering a marriage destination.The Thai government took a poll before from the Thai public and 60% opposed the proposition but polls in Thailand have never been a good way to judge the Thai opinion in the past.The proposal however is not to do what the US government has done and try to redefine the definition of marriage but to create a civil union that would share the same rights as a marriage when it comes to issues such as inheritance and child care.South African dad shot dead in child custody clash with Thai ex-wife Take the case of South African Oswald Heinrich Duvel who had been involved in an ongoing custody battle in Thai courts with his estrange Thai wife.Duvel was invited by his ex-wife to sit in her car with her mother to discuss a custody agreement, but unbeknownst to Duvel, there was a man lying behind the back seat.

Some prefer the nightlife and fast pace of Pattaya and get married in the party town of Pattaya in Chonburi.

Most marriages we process is marriages between foreigners and a Thai national.

If you and your Thai fiancee are or planning on getting married in Thailand then you have many options for your wedding location in thailand.

Although some Thai-foreign marriages end up in divorce, many marriages in Thailand do last.

However, it’s wise to take necessary precautions before entering any situation where property and finances are involved as there are also cases of scams and violence where love can turn deadly.

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