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"for eliciting true and accurate statements" D (CIA) "Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare, LSD," 5 August 1954."will most probably be found in the biochemistry departments" D (CIA) untitled cable, . In 1953 the CIA provided Eli Lilly with funding to attempt synthesis of LSD for CIA use without the need for the expensive and scarce reagents required by Sandoz.So in the next half dozen years or so I got somewhat involved in psychical research and somewhat involved in the psychedelic research. Also goes back to 1947 - mescaline experiments University Vancouver - Jolly West Project Chatter which is also project paperclip via Mescaline experiments that were performed at Dachua Some preliminary links:

The same group became Beyond War, they still exist, I think.Kibitz: One of the original questions : What was Willis Harman so excited about at the Sequoia Seminars in 1954? Well it turns out that they were excited about Gerald Heard. 1954 Gerald Heard gives a lecture to the Sequoia Seminar about mind expansion and describes the effects of certain mind-altering drugs - Myron Stolaroff and Willis Harman attending, Then in 1956 that Heard tells Stolaroff about LSD and directs him to Al Hubbard for a visit to Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver...This thread is an investigation into the history of "The Sequoia Seminars" which began in the early 1950's around Stanford University and later went on to investigate the concepts of "LSD Therapy".And then in 1954 at age 36 I had an up-ending experience that I hadn't asked for and the net result was my path through life took a sudden swerve.It was a two-week seminar which, there was nothing like it at the time although later on there were things like Est and Silva Mind Control and all kinds of things, but at that time, it was a fairly intensive seminar and I only came into it because I didn't realise that.

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