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So when Heard began rhapsodizing about the effects of certain mind-altering drugs, Stolaroff was predictably upset."I thought you went to all these places anyway," he asked. " And Heard had replied, "Oh, but it just opens the doors in so many ways to so many vast dimensions."19 Whether he admitted it to himself or not, Myron Stolaroff was hooked, and a few months later, in Los Angeles on business, he visited Heard and had another long discussion about these new mind drugs.The Sequoia Retreat Center stands on the shoulders of peace makers, reconciliation makers, stewards of the land and Sequoias.Our roots are in the people who have created extraordinary lives.Owsley had got as far as crystal LSD, which in itself required a reasonable level of purity; but he believed that if he could achieve absolute purity, then the LSD would be extra special with extra special results.Between them Owsley and Scully created 20 to 30 grams of what they thought was the purest LSD anyone had yet produced.(LSD is one of a very small group of compounds with this property.) | --------- I need to start somewhere so here is goes (I'll re-edit this post till it looks clean)....

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Beyond War's successor organization, the Foundation for Global Community is active and can be found at Kibitz: One of the original questions : What was Willis Harman so excited about at the Sequoia Seminars in 1954? Well it turns out that they were excited about Gerald Heard. 1954 Gerald Heard gives a lecture to the Sequoia Seminar about mind expansion and describes the effects of certain mind-altering drugs - Myron Stolaroff and Willis Harman attending, Then in 1956 that Heard tells Stolaroff about LSD and directs him to Al Hubbard for a visit to Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver...This thread is an investigation into the history of "The Sequoia Seminars" which began in the early 1950's around Stanford University and later went on to investigate the concepts of "LSD Therapy".Stolaroff was in charge of long-range planning at Ampex, which was one of the first of the high-technology companies to emerge in the valleys south of San Francisco.Stolaroff had heard Gerald speak several times before and considered him one of the world's outstanding mystics.

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