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The Instagram account of my imaginary bestie Reese Witherspoon informed me this week is the 15th anniversary of the release of the movie “Sweet Home Alabama.” In this classic rom-com romp, Southern belle turned Manhattanite fashionista Melanie Carmichael (Witherspoon) has it all.

She’s just debuted a buzzy fashion line burdened with early-2000s trends to much acclaim.

The Alabama Film Commission and CMT were scouting locations on the Eastern Shore when they knocked on the Bacons’ front door to gauge their interest.

“We said, ‘Sure,’ but it was nothing concrete,” Amanda Bacon said. We said we wouldn’t do a contract over the phone, so they flew in on a Monday and were packing us to move out on Wednesday.

Often, their maiden voyages outside the house with the baby are a boozy brunch with friends or a Thursday happy hour with a teensy newborn strapped to their chests.

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