The game in dating

I remembered thinking – wow she’s taking things better than I would have. I found myself wondering who would win the heart of the fair maiden and triumph at the end – so attuned am I to looking out for the happy ending. This is a book which promises to tantalise you till the end! The thing that I sticks in my mind – how open Tamra is about her personal life.People think that candour can make us vulnerable – but in fact it’s the strength of this book.It was then I decided to use dating as an autobiographical experiment to navigate love, life, relationships and yes, sex.Losing my virginity, not in the literal sense of the word, but by way of embarking upon a string of firsts I tried speed dating, entering a pole dancing competition, getting naked with a girl and having a fuck-buddy. So much so that I started receiving emails from people saying how they couldn’t put the book down and would read it from cover-to-cover in just a few (very long) sittings.The book’s frankness is disarming, you end up cheering her on and eagerly turning to the next page.And now I’m looking froward to the sequel :)’ ‘Tamra Mercieca’s begins after Tamra gets out of a five year relationship.At the end of Tamra’s memoir, she had gone full circle with most of the men in her life and was happily single.

During , Tamra is a successful news anchor on Australian radio, a drummer, author, and journalist.Of course the big question I get asked from people who loved the book is: When is the sequel coming out?You’ll be happy to know that Getting Naked The Dating Game is the first of a series of books, and I am currently penning the next juicy memoir.She was not one to shy away from controversial topics or embarrassing moments.She faced her past head on and let readers experience what she was feeling.

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