The great american dating experiment

The line "The great experiment" has become famous for being used by Tocqueville for describing the birth of modern democracy in America.

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Of course that didn’t work cause men have their preference and a lot won’t be talked out of it.”Thus, the task was simple: create a Canadian dating profile and then compare the interest from Canadian men to that received from US men on a separate US profile.

Those men made no effort to carry on the interaction so I wouldn’t either.

After a couple of months I just had to stop because it truly isn’t something I feel comfortable with as I prefer assertive men.

In just a few weeks, I estimate that I received at least double the messages from Canadian men compared to those that I got during several MONTHS from American men on my OKC account.

And this is not counting “meet me” requests, I don’t have time to respond to those and would prefer a guy read my profile and message me anyway.

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