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This iidia by the wo *' gates " mythology, do penance ; Is with the The .sacred f India — an Jarana near 19 it is called hant and the ■der of King le, enters the The much plains after Here stand iperors ; and 11 serve us u e Dehra-diin ■ the Gurkha 18, have been THE Ul TER GANGES BASl N-HARDWAll.

Here is the first step of the throne of Siva, the five great mountains bounding the horizon on the east and north-east being venerated as the special seat of the Maha Deo, or "Great God." From these Kailas, or Iludru Ilimalah Mountains, one of which rises to a height of 21,800 feet, the snows descend in a vast cirque, filling every valley with a mass of ice and moraines. They number about three thousand, and in summer are always met in f J^anj^s driving their paek-sheep over the mountain passes. 103 a IS ii(, nu'iuiiiij^ part of the the Hindus e of Nanda aniiii Pass, 20,2C)0 feet, iiad pastors, a-la) in the than Blount 1(1 speaking hoth lanf»uap[es, are the sole intermediaries of trade between the two slopes. The Bhotia, of Tibetan stock, although claiming to be Hindus and speaking .ms^m-ipmmfmmi^mmmmsmm^ms^Mi Mm- TIIK UPPER GANGKS BASIN— IIAIJDWAR. Its Tibetan name, meaniiif^ " Great Mother of Snow," shows that it is hold to be unrivalled in this part of the Fisf. Even the most frecjuented passes of this region, the Mana rrhirbittia-la) in the west, and the Niti (Chindu) in the east, are many hundred feet higher than Mount Blanc.

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