Whatsapp sex rooms in eastrand

Send me her picture.” Asked how she should approach the girl about the sex requests, he allegedly said: “I will give you 1000 [rand], you can give her anything from the 1000 [rand].” When asked about the sex he wanted, he allegedly said: “I just want suck and her back side, nothing else.” The child’s angry mother said she couldn’t believe what she read.“Just knowing that he looks at my daughter in that way, I thought about how I wanted to destroy him and make him suffer,” she said.“She was standing by the door when he asked me who that was and I told him it’s my friend’s child, and I left it at that.“Last Sunday while the two of us were out, he suddenly asked me about [the child again].The child’s mother said: “I was grateful that she told me but I was angry.I wanted to report him to the police but I knew I would need evidence of what he asked.

“I thought he was my boyfriend but he obviously lied to me.” She spilled the beans to her friend hours later, and they decided trap the businessman.

The 20-year-old woman said her boyfriend saw the little girl earlier this year.

“I was at his shop in June to get money and she was with me when he saw her for the first time,” she explained.

The 28-year-old, who owns a popular Cape Flats cellphone shop, is believed to have offered his 20-year-old girlfriend R1 000 to arrange the deal.

In a series of Whats App messages, he allegedly told the woman what he wanted the girl to do to him.

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