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And while the jury was made aware of the names of the other suspects – the brothers Neil and Jamie Acourt and Luke Knight - they were not aware of the violent past that each has.

They also did not know that, far from leaving his life of crime behind him, Dobson is currently in jail for drugs offences. Memorably it labelled the Metropolitan Police as “institutionally racist”, but it also provided telling detail about the five suspects in the case.

Norris said that his family were not in the habit of recycling clothes. “We had quite a bit of money so we didn’t need to.” When they were children, Norris did not catch the bus to football training like his friends.

Instead his father would drop him off in the Porsche 911 sports car he had bought using cash pulled out of a carrier bag.

Information received by the police suggested those responsible for the Lawrence murder were also responsible for the stabbing of Mr Banghal. He went ‘The Wimpy one, the f****** black n***** c***, f****** black b******. He also told police he associated with youths named Charlie Martin and Danny Caetano.

However the attack appears to be referenced in the secret recordings made by police of the gang in Dobson’s flat in December 1994. What the jury did not hear was how the pair were not around the night Stephen Lawrence was killed because they were awaiting trial for a knife attack on a rival gang member who according to the prosecution they had quite literally tried to skin alive.

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But perhaps a more plausible suggestion is that he did not want to tell the police that he was friends with the son of one of south-London’s most notorious gangsters – someone he would later visit in prison.Relaying the story, Dobson says: “He said ‘The f****** black b****** I am going to kill him’. A surgeon said he had never seen such wounds and the pair were convicted.The Clifford Norris factor In the same police interview Dobson, despite offering the names of many of the other gang members, denied knowing David Norris.On the day after the murder an anonymous woman rang police and suggested that "two boys who call themselves the Krays" could be responsible.The following day police received two anonymous letters. Good luck.” Another with the same names was left under the windscreen wiper of a police car. The house is full of knives." While another note named those responsible as a “group of youths on the Kidbrooke Estate who always carry knives and threaten people”.

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